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Prompt of the Month: September

A woman with curly brown hair, freckles, and antlers wears an orange off-the-shoulder dress and holds an apple. She has a small deer skull in her hair, a crescent moon floating above her head, and flowers and leaves in her hair as well. Behind her, there are apple trees and pumpkins and a dark gray sky. She is looking at the apple in her hands.
Art by Irkallen on Etsy

The Colton Review is excited to announce the beginning of our ongoing "Prompt of the Month" series! Our prompt this month is to write a poem, scene, or short story inspired by the image to the left. Email anything you create to by October 15 and we will post it here on our blog next month! Anything we receive will be posted, barring offensive or discriminatory content.

If you love what you write and want it to be considered for inclusion in The Colton Review: A Journal of Art & Literature as well, check out our "submit" page right here on our website.

Happy writing!

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