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Prompt of the Month: November

A winter landscape with white snow on a stone fence and trees and a house in the background. A magpie is sitting on the fence gate.
The Magpie by Claude Monet

For our final "Prompt of the Month" before winter break, we encourage you to write something inspired by the holiday season. When you think of November and December, what comes to mind? We'd love to read your answer in the form of a poem, short story, personal essay, or excerpt. Many of us have mixed feelings about popular holidays, so don't be afraid to explore the darker side of this time of year, though festive pieces are welcome as well!

Email anything you create to by December 15 and we will post it here on our blog next month! Anything we receive will be posted, barring offensive or discriminatory content.

If you love what you write and want it to be considered for inclusion in The Colton Review: A Journal of Art & Literature as well, check out our "submit" page right here on our website.

Happy writing!

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