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Colton Review Reveal 2022

On CSA Day 2022, The Colton Review: Volume 18 was released. At the event, Co-Editors Krista Wiese and Olivia Slack introduced the new edition of The Colton Review and award winners read their prose and poetry.

The Colton Review: Volume 18 features a large amount of genre fiction, including fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, and more. Krista and Olivia noted in their letter from the editors that this departure from previous journals' content may stem in some way from the pandemic: a desire to explore new worlds, whether external or within one's own mind.

Pictured below are award winners M.J. Solorzano Ariza (Honorable Mention, Poetry), Emerald D. Swenson (2nd Place, Poetry), Kate Niemi (1st Place, Poetry), Krista Wiese (Honorable Mention, Prose), Sophie Lee (2nd Place, Prose), and Kate Polaski (1st Place, Prose).

Photos by Kaylin Tsukayama

The Colton Review's staff thanks everyone who attended the reveal, our readers, our art design team led by Professor Dana Lovelace, our literature team, and our advisor, Professor Ashley Hogan. Copies of The Colton Review: Volume 18 are available for free in Lux Hall and Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center. Visit Rosemarie Cafaldo's office in Lux Hall or Deb Laube's office in Gaddy-Hamrick to locate a copy.

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